Working on the Creative Contents by Playing

The combination of actuality and actuality has reached the countdown stage. Fevolution takes “fun” as the core, and develops innovative services with human nature as its important mission. Combining diversified interactive technologies, it brings virtual activities into daily life and changes the human way of life, just like the company of fevolution. Name - Evolution + Fantasy, we believe that the virtual space created by the team of fevolution will be the game and marketing market for the 21st century, and will open up unlimited business opportunities and imagination.
The creation of virtual space is not just about bringing real life into virtual space.
Instead, it rethinks how virtual activities replace or even reform existing lifestyles. From the angles of economy, entertainment, socialization, education, etc., in simple terms, the existing social structure is already too confusing and needs reform.

The virtual space created by Fevolution is based on fun. Playing is not just a pastime or entertainment, but it is completely integrated into daily activities, making people's lives more interesting. We believe that the existing games and communities are only virtual. Consolidating over-products of trends.