Fantasy + Evolution

As technology advances, we are fast approaching the singular point. The future is evolving so fast that we are unable to predict what will happen in five years.
However the progression of virtual integration with reality remains, FEVOLUTION was created under the premise of this exact progression, focusing on bringing “fun” as the core value in creating humane and innovative services, combining various interactive technology to bring real virtual reality into everyday living and enhance people’s lifestyle as a whole.
As our name states, FEVOLUTION: Fantasy + Evolution.
“Serious Play” is our attitude in facing the integration of virtual and reality, we know that in the evolution progress we will face a lot of obstacles, setbacks and naysayers opinions, but the overall progression remains and our mission continues, and our team is equipped with backgrounds from design, to technology, to economics, psychology and more to become the trail blazers in the virtual world.

The Explorers of Virtual Spaces

The Leaderships

CEO - Feric Feng
CEOFeric Feng
CDO - Li-Han Chen
CDOLi-Han Chen
CFO - Chai Lee
CFOChai Lee
COO - Binwen Chang
COOBinwen Chang
Product Manager - ARmon Choi
Product ManagerARmon Choi
Eric Tsai - Community Director
Community DirectorEric Tsai