It all started when…

Feb , 2022
It all started when
With new technologies related to the development of computers, graphics, and hardware, the virtual world has become a reality. As Fevolution Team is focusing on Virtual Reality Projects from Virtual World, Gaming, Mx reality Applications over 10 years on creating around the world, the demand for virtual reality projects represented by the OOL is developing. We Decide to Merge all the Concepts In one piece - OOL, a virtual world that transcends reality, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology are being combined.

Togater World x Studio A

Jan 28, 2018
Togater World  x Studio A
FEVOLUTION is dedicated to develop the ideal Virtual Integration. In order to promote and popularize the AR experience, FEVOLUTION has collaboarted with Studio A and establish an AR game called TOGATER World AR.

Customers are given a special access code to open an additional scene in TOGATER World AR by making a specific purchase at Studio A. We challenge players’ concentration and observation by this Virtual Integration.

Can YOU find the Studio A character? Let the search begin!

First AR Casual Puzzle Game 《AR TOGATER》In App Store is ready for download

Oct 31, 2017
Determined in infusing futuristic entertainment with everyday living, 《TOGATER》was born. Players no longer required to spend countless hours “training” and work their way up through complicated controls. Instead, as if they put on a space goggle and jumps right into a fun-filled adventure and experience the technology of the future.

In the world of 《TOGATER》, the Dicers are like friends from space, with hundreds of variations to be discovered. Players are tested on their eyesight and speed in finding the Dicers. In the newer version, the developers have added even more interactive elements between the players and the Dicers to elevate the gaming experience.

Taiwanese Independently Developed AR Game《TOGATER》Making its first appearance at TGS

Sep 22, 2017
Taiwanese developer: FEVOLUTION presented its first ever character-searching AR game 《TOGATER》at the Tokyo Game Show, its fresh graphics and the latest AR concept captured many people’s attention. Endless visitors lined up to test the game, official background of the game were also release today and 《TOGATER》is set to be available to the public in the fourth quarter this year.